Large items

If you’re ordering a large mirror, you should check carefully that its dimensions (with packaging) will fit through the doorways, corridors, and stairways of the delivery address. Our courier will not be responsible for any additional unpacking or positioning of products.


As all of our items are handmade in our studio, they are to be treated with extreme care.

Do not use commercial cleaning products on your mirror frame. We instead advise dusting it with a dry lint free cloth, avoiding any contact with moisture. Doing this regularly will stop the build-up of dust and dirt, preventing a need for deep cleaning.

When cleaning the glass, a general glass cleaner will suffice; however, this should not come into contact with the frame. The best method is to spray a cloth and then wipe the glass, rather than spraying directly onto the glass.


For locations in London we offer an installation service. Contact us to request a quote and our availability.

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Depending on the size and design of the mirror, it will either be fitted with sawtooth hangers or a split batten for installation.

Sawtooth hangers are metal fixtures which are screwed into either side of the back of the frame. Do not use cord or wire on these hangers. These hangers are designed to be hung on two separate hooks or screws fitted to the wall.

Split battens are a type of sturdy hanging system for heavier objects. A split batten system is comprised of a bevelled length of timber which is on the back of the mirror frame, and another separate length which has a corresponding bevel. The second length needs to be fitted to the wall so that the mirror can slot into it. See diagram for further explanation.